holiday hiatus

Season’s Greetings!
May your blessings outnumber your difficulties, the moments of joy outshine those of frustration & contentment eclipse any disappointment..
(|_|*to miracles in the making*|_|)

Whatever this season may or may not mean to you,
it’s an opportunity I encourage you to make the most of..
My Xmas post is a great place to start: Happy Damn Holidays!

The “Demitasse” is on hiatus into the new year. Upon its return, it will no longer be daily or even dailyish. I absolutely love doing quotationaries & will continue to text a daily tho’t (if you can receive 1 text a day & aren’t yet, just contact me — your mobile # will not be used for anything else) yet each post here represents hours of research. In order to regain my balance, “Dorian’s Demitasse” will most likely be weekly hereafter.

[upsidedown] balance

During the hiatus, I’ll be sorting what changes should take place here & how best to remain consistent without ignoring my other blogs. 😮 There’s “Drink Deeply” with its coffee for the soul. Then there’s “Drink Deeply [of me])” with.. me. Do drink deeply of them (that we may grok). As for this endeavor, please comment at any time if you have ideas for the future of these offerings or sites to recommend I share; suggestions will always be implemented as possible.

Thanx for having your virtual demitasse cups at the ready! ☕

Triple ta, Dorian aka coffeesister |_|)
Take a moment to Drink Deeply @
Freshly brewed warmth & wisdom poured into every post..

PS: Getting these via e-mail yet?! Request it here!? Rest assured your address won’t be used for anything else & there’s only one e-mail each day so try it out.


~ by Dorian Dorey ☕️ on 23 December 2008.

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