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Dorian aka coffeesister here, of the blog “(|_| Drink Deeply |_|)” & across the web. W/four decades survived so far; I know well how much we have to learn from each other which is why I’ve always collected quotations, have insights of my own but seek to share others’ wisdom from across the web as well. Thus this blog w/its weekly posts centered on a theme set by each quotationary. Thru my own blogging & life-experience, I’m always serving coffee for the soul but, in this “Demitasse,” it becomes espresso as it’s strengthened by those who’ve gone before me: (|_|*cheers*|_|)

Watch for new quotationaries weekly. “Dorian’s Demitasse” can be requested by e-mail, perused herein &/or subscribed to via its feed so keep this espresso for the soul brewin’.. 🙂 While these quotationary-inspired posts are now weekly, I still text other quotationaries & encouragement daily[ish]; just e-mail your mobile # if you can (& would like 😉 to) receive them. Neither your address nor # will be used for anything else.

“When a thing has been said and said well, have no scruple.
Take it and copy it.”
— Anatole France —


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